Top 10 Brands for Micro Influencer Collaboration

Are you on the hunt for companies that love a humble micro influencer collaboration? Worried because your social media follower count isn’t hitting the high thousands? Fear not! Having a massive audience isn’t a must-have to catch the eye of brands these days.

The influencer marketing scene is changing, and it’s good news for those who may not have a sea of followers but do have a dedicated crowd.

This piece is your guide to navigating brand partnerships for all you micro-influencers out there with a tight-knit group of followers hanging onto your every word. Ready to dive in? Here are some awesome brands that are eager to work with micro-influencers like you.

Why Do Brands Engage in Micro Influencer Collaboration?

The landscape of influencer marketing has undergone a significant transformation. Nowadays, having a smaller following isn’t a stumbling block when it comes to teaming up with big-name brands.

Micro-influencers have carved out a reputation for sparking impressive engagement in an era where the depth and authenticity of your influence reign supreme. In fact, 77% of marketers put micro-influencers at the top of their wishlist. Wondering why brands are on the lookout for these influencers? Here’s the lowdown:

  • They offer a direct line to an audience that’s genuinely interested in the brand’s specific market.
  • Micro-influencers are a budget-friendly option for companies watching their spending.
  • They’ve earned the trust of their followers.
  • The engagement rates they boast tend to reflect a true picture, thanks to their follower count.

Top 10 Brands for a Micro Influencer Collaboration

Check out these 10 brands that often team up with micro-influencers:

1. Sephora

Kicking off our list is Sephora, the globally recognized beauty giant. You might think a brand as big as Sephora wouldn’t need help from influencers, but they’re all about connecting with top Instagram talent. So, they are great for a micro influencer collaboration.

Sephora knows just how to harness the power of micro-influencers. Take their #beautyuncomplicated campaign, for example. It was all about showcasing their fresh skincare line and sharing the idea that beauty doesn’t have to be hard work.

For beauty influencers, this is your cue: Instagram is ripe with opportunities to partner with beauty brands. So, gear up to earn some cash as a micro-influencer with Sephora affiliate program.

2. Daniel Wellington

Next up is Daniel Wellington, the chic Swedish watchmaker that’s made a name for itself with its stylish and high-quality timepieces. Starting with a modest budget of $15K, the company soared to an impressive $200M in revenue by 2019. A big part of their growth? Collaborating with influencers to reach more customers.

Daniel Wellington has thrived by teaming up with lifestyle and fashion influencers who may not have the largest followings but do have highly engaged audiences. Plus, they’ve been getting bloggers to pepper their posts with DW-specific hashtags, making their content stand out.

3. AirBnB

Airbnb, the go-to platform for booking unique stays and experiences across 191 countries, is on the lookout for ‘Superhost Ambassadors’ to guide newcomers in setting up their listings.

As a Superhost Ambassador, you’ll enjoy some sweet benefits like getting a sneak peek at upcoming features, earning cash for bringing other hosts on board, and enjoying priority support. Signing up is a breeze, and it’s all done through Airbnb’s own site.

Remember, the travel sector is teeming with brands eager to partner with micro-influencers. So don’t miss your shot at making a splash as a travel influencer on Instagram.

What’s holding you back? Sign up with PopTribe for free and start your journey!

4. Nike

Nike is a titan in the world of sports apparel, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, towering above its competitors. A quick glance at their colossal Instagram following, which exceeds 303 million fans, confirms their industry supremacy.

You might be itching to team up with Nike, but they don’t have an open call for influencers to become brand ambassadors; Nike prefers to seek out influencers themselves.

However, you can still get in on the action through the Nike Affiliate Program, where you could earn up to an 11% commission on any valid sales you drive their way.

And if your goal is to earn as a fitness influencer, there’s plenty of room to work with other gym wear brands. These brands are keen to collaborate with micro-influencers to boost their visibility and sales, giving even giants like Nike a run for their money.

5. Adidas

It goes without saying that Adidas is a big name that teams up with micro-influencers on social media. As one of the most iconic sports brands globally, it’s no surprise they’re pros at navigating the social media landscape. They’ve become famous for their wildly successful influencer campaigns on platforms like Instagram.

While Adidas often partners with celebrities, there’s still room for micro-influencers to join their ranks of collaborators.

The impact of Instagram partnerships, whether with stars boasting millions of followers or content creators with a more modest audience, can be equally striking.

6. Starbucks

The coffee giant has brewed up quite a reputation on Instagram by partnering with leading coffee influencers to showcase its products. For a brand like Starbucks, tapping into the world of micro-influencers is a smart move.

And it’s not just Starbucks stirring things up; many players in the coffee industry are on the lookout for influencers to help spread the word about their brands. You’ll find a bunch of these campaigns ready for you to join on PopTribe.

7. Target

Target is also on board with collaborating with micro-influencers. This American retail heavyweight has joined forces with Instagram influencers to get the word out about their products. Back in 2017, they launched a swimwear collection and used the hashtags #targetstyle and #targetswim to make a splash. Those hashtags are still making waves on Instagram today.

Instagram models and swimming enthusiasts who have a knack for influencing could be just the right fit for brands like Target. If you’re into showing off vibrant undies or swimwear, there’s a whole sea of brands eager to partner with influencers like you.

8. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ is a name that needs no fanfare in the food and drink world. Despite its numerous collaborations with bloggers, it doesn’t boast a huge social media following.

Even so, Dunkin’ is open to teaming up with cozy, small-scale bloggers and big-time stars like Charli D’Amelio on the regular.

9. Mejuri

Coming up is Mejuri, hailing from Canada. This brand offers men and women fine jewelry that’s both affordable and perfect for daily wear, available online and in physical stores.

Mejuri is on the lookout for Instagram jewelry influencers to help showcase their pieces and grow their customer base and sales. With a following of over 1.1 million on Instagram, there’s even a chance you could be spotlighted on their feed.

10. Sperry

The well-known fashion label Sperry, famed for its boat shoes, was quick to embrace the micro influencer collaboration. They cleverly tapped into the rainy season demand for sturdy yet stylish footwear by partnering with 100 Instagram micro-influencers who were already fans and customers of Sperry shoes.

Their strategy paid off big time. Sperry enjoyed a massive 66% surge in website traffic from Instagram, racking up 4.7 million impressions, all by focusing on fashion influencers who genuinely wore and loved their products. Followers were more engaged with real-life images of the rain boots in use rather than staged shots with models or simulated wet streets.

Sperry’s campaign highlighted the edge that micro-influencers can have over bigger names and even celebrities, especially when it comes to specialized products. The authenticity resonated with audiences, as seen with the #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) hashtag, showcasing fashion and function.

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