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Join the ranks of over 9.5 million sellers worldwide who have tapped into Amazon’s unparalleled potential to connect with new customers and expand their market reach. Do collaborations on gift-for-post model with PopTribe & get access to a realm of exciting opportunities.

Why Choose PopTribe for Your Amazon Selling Journey?

Global Reach

With Amazon's active customer accounts purchasing over 7,400 products per minute from U.S. sellers alone, PopTribe opens doors to a vast global market, offering unparalleled opportunities for influencer marketing.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Benefit from PopTribe quality creators, rich sales data insights, and cutting-edge collaboration solution based Gift-for-Post model empowering you to build,grow, and scale your brand with confidence.

Boosted Sales

Creators on PopTribe has much potential to boost your product sales by 10X by promoting it among potential buyers on social media. Creators will get commission on top of the affiliate commission paid by Amazon.

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We might be the right platform for you if…

  • You're looking to expand your product's reach.
  • You want incredible returns on your investments.
  • You’re trying to boost your brand's social media presence.
  • You need a solution that's simple, affordable, and time efficient.

Here's how it all works

Seamlessly Import Your Products from Marketplaces
Easily integrate your Amazon seller store with PopTribe using the Official marketplace API. Effortlessly import your products with just a single click.
List Your Products on PopTribe
Select your products from your Amazon store listings and submit them to PopTribe for inclusion in our extensive product catalogue. Our dedicated team will review and approve them for listing.
Receive Collaboration Offers from Creators
Engage with our curated community of quality Creators, including Amazon Associates and Influencers, who continually browse our platform to find products that stand out to them. Receive collaboration offers from interested Creators.
Approve Preferred Creators for Collaboration
Review collaboration offers from Creators and select those who best align with your product niche and offer compelling narratives.
Dispatch Products to Creators using MCF Orders
Once you've approved Creators for collaboration, you've to dispatch the products to them via Amazon MCF orders placed for each creator individually. Creators receive the products in short order, then post to their social media channels within 3 weeks.
Monitor Sales with Marketplace Analytics
Creators promote your products using SHORTEN LINKs, allowing us to track their sales accurately and generate their commission. Leveraging Amazon's Attribution Tag through Amazon SP-API, we can precisely monitor sales attributed to each Creator, ensuring transparency and efficiency in performance tracking.
Sellers have to create MCF orders on Amazon individually for each creator once they approve them and ensure that the products are shipped
directly to creators upon approval. By leveraging our tracking capabilities, sellers gain insight into sales metrics, particularly when creators contribute to driving product sales. As a result, sellers receive a 10% affiliate commission as part of Amazon's brand referral bonus program, empowering them to offer more competitive commissions to creators.

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