7 Types of Influencer Marketing Jobs

Influencer marketing has become a vital part of the digital marketing landscape. Brands are increasingly leveraging influencers to reach their target audience in an authentic and engaging way. If you’re interested in joining this vibrant field, here are seven types of influencer marketing jobs that might catch your eye.

7 Influencer Marketing Jobs

1. Social Media Influencer

We start the list of Influencer Marketing Jobs with Social Media Influencers. Influencers can’t apply for their job like other roles; they must earn the title and treat it as a full-time profession once popular. We’ve outlined seven key steps to becoming an influencer:

  • Select Your Niche
  • Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
  • Understand Your Audience
  • Create and Post Relevant Content
  • Be Regular and Consistent
  • Engage With Your Audience
  • Let Brands Know You’re Open to Collaborations

Brands often partner with nano (1K-10K followers) and micro-influencers (10K-100K). Even those with only 1,000 followers can be influencers if they have strong follower relationships.

As an influencer, you’ll create content for brands that align with your usual style but meet their campaign requirements. Maintaining authenticity and promoting brands that resonate with your values and audience is important. This is one of the most popular Influencer Marketing Jobs.

2. Influencer Marketing Coordinator

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of influencer marketing, this position is a great starting point for you to build some experience. Here’s a peek at what your day-to-day might look like:

  • Scouting for Influencers: Your main mission will be to scout for influencers who align with your company’s vision and goals. Should there be an influencer marketing tool at your disposal, you’ll become a pro at leveraging it to find the perfect match.
  • Initiating Contact: You’ll take the lead in reaching out to potential influencers, sparking conversations about possible collaborations.
  • Welcoming Newcomers: When new influencers join the fold, you’ll guide them through the onboarding process of your influencer marketing initiatives.
  • Being the Go-To Person: You’ll serve as the primary contact for the influencers you partner with, ensuring smooth communication.
  • Crafting Content Briefs: You’ll put together detailed content briefs, so influencers have clear guidelines to follow.
  • Content Oversight: Keep an eye on the content to make sure it fits the bill perfectly for what your company is looking for.
  • Staying Trendy: Stay in the loop with the latest social media trends, especially those that resonate with your target audience.

It’s all about building relationships, keeping content on track, and staying ahead of the curve in the social space!

3. Influencer Talent Manager or Agent

Influencer talent managers and agents are the cheerleaders for their influencer clients. They’re on the lookout for fitting opportunities for influencers and make sure they get fair pay for their work.

To nail it as an influencer marketing manager, you’ll need to be a whiz at negotiating, managing projects, connecting with people, and chatting up a storm. Plus, you’ve got to have your finger on the pulse of all things social media, know the ins and outs of influencer marketing strategies, and keep tabs on what’s hot in the industry.

Here’s a rundown of what you might find yourself doing as an influencer talent manager or agent:

  • Scouting Fresh Faces: You’ll be on the hunt for new influencer talent to bring into the fold.
  • Managing Campaigns: From start to finish, you’ll oversee influencer campaigns to ensure they’re running smoothly.
  • Connecting with Brands: You’ll reach out to brands that fit your niche influencers well.
  • Negotiating Deals: You’ll be at the forefront of contract talks to secure the best deals.
  • Bridging the Gap: You’ll facilitate communication between influencers and brands.
  • Supporting Creators: You’ll assist creators in setting their sights on goals and achieving them.
  • Measuring Success: Keep track of influencer metrics to gauge how things are going.
  • Content Quality Check: Ensure your influencer clients deliver the goods content-wise.

It’s all about fostering talent, smoothing out deals, and keeping everyone on track for success!

4. Influencer Marketing Manager

Suppose you’re in a position where your company can afford multiple Influencer Marketing Coordinators. In that case, chances are you’ll have an Influencer Marketing Manager at the helm to oversee the influencer marketing squad. The role of an Influencer Marketing Manager typically involves:

  • Fostering strong bonds with content creators and occasionally clients, especially if you’re part of an influencer marketing firm.
  • Guiding a team of Influencer Marketing Coordinators and collaborating with Social Media Marketing Managers.
  • Establishing the procedures that your team should adhere to.
  • Playing a pivotal role in the creation and supervision of creator briefs.
  • Developing tools to support content creators.
  • Working in tandem with other departments in your company.
  • Expanding your influencer initiatives.

In smaller companies, it’s common to see the roles of Influencer Marketing Coordinator and Manager combined into one. Although they might go by the title of Influencer Marketing Manager, the job often entails tasks similar to those of an Influencer Marketing Coordinator. In such scenarios, you might find yourself as the sole member of the department, single-handedly identifying fitting influencers and managing their activities.

5. Social Media Marketing Manager

You might be curious about the mention of a Social Media Marketing Manager in this discussion, as it doesn’t directly relate to influencer marketing. Yet, some companies have their social media managers handle influencer marketing campaigns instead of hiring dedicated influencer experts.

Typically, a Social Media Marketing Manager earns more than an Influencer Marketing Coordinator. This could be because they’re expected to juggle both roles—managing the company’s social media presence and taking on most of the influencer marketing responsibilities we’ve previously mentioned—if there are no specific influencer marketing team members.

In such situations, a Social Media Marketing Manager’s duties will also include:

  • Crafting, fine-tuning, and timing posts across all your brand’s social platforms.
  • Collaborating with key players for content approval when needed.
  • Create and keep a social media posting schedule.
  • Evaluate and share the performance of each social media post.
  • Staying active and engaging with followers on all social channels.
  • Gather user-generated content (UGC) related to your brand and repurpose it effectively.
  • Staying abreast of the latest social media strategies and trends.
  • Partnering with employees and customer advocates who promote your brand through their content sharing.

6. Influencer Strategist

Bringing an Influencer Strategist on board is a clear sign that your company is serious about its influencer marketing efforts. This role is quite pivotal for businesses that leverage influencer marketing.

An Influencer Strategist must possess deep knowledge of the influencers in your industry and understand their influence on your target audience. The key duties of an Influencer Strategist include:

  • Develop detailed influencer marketing strategies aimed at achieving diverse objectives with a keen eye on campaign data.
  • Collaborate with influencer marketing coordinators to identify and recruit the best influencers who fit within your budget.
  • Building and maintaining strong connections with content creators.
  • Evaluating campaign analytics to assess the value that specific influencers bring to your campaigns.
  • Monitor, analyze, and summarize campaign outcomes.
  • Staying current with trends in influencer marketing to ensure you’re always prepared to launch the next successful campaign.

7. Community Marketing Manager

Community Marketing Managers are the architects behind marketing initiatives aimed at expanding, captivating, and keeping a business’s community thriving. While influencer marketing might be a minor aspect of their job, their primary focus is on nurturing an active community around the brand’s social channels, with influencers often acting as effective ambassadors to attract new members. They’re in charge of boosting membership numbers, fostering member interaction, and ensuring members stick around.

Their usual tasks involve:

  • Crafting monthly content strategies and schedules or teaming up with specialized groups to produce pertinent content.
  • Cultivating robust ties with the brand’s community.
  • Engaging directly with community members, potential leads, and existing customers.
  • Keep an eye on and engage in conversations on social media and other community forums.
  • Organizing and managing events for the community.

Final Words About Influencer Marketing Jobs

Each one of these influencer marketing jobs offers a unique opportunity to shape how brands interact with their consumers. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too will the roles and responsibilities within influencer marketing. If you have a passion for connecting with people and a desire to drive brand growth, one of these paths may lead to your dream career.

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