How to Create Your Amazon Attribution Link

Claim Your 10% Bonus from Amazon for Selling on PopTribe

Did you know you can get a 10% bonus through PopTribe and Amazon just by creating a unique link to track your sales through PopTribe? It’s true! In addition, your attribution link will allow you to track creator performance so you can tweak your campaigns accordingly and even switch to a new creator if you’re not seeing the performance you had in mind.

Here’s more info on exactly what Amazon attribution is, how it can help you track and maximize your sales, and what you need to do to create your custom attribution link.

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement solution that gives marketers insight into how their non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon. If you’re using PopTribe, this is a great way to monitor your campaigns with different creators to maximize performance and pursue, or retain, your products’ placement in the Amazon Buy Box.

Amazon Attribution reports include clicks, as well as Amazon conversion metrics, such as detail page views, Add to Carts, and purchases. Reporting is available via downloadable reports and within the console.

Who Can use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is currently available for professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors and agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon. The following Marketplaces are eligible for Amazon Attribution with their brand registered in Amazon brand registry.

Key Metrics of Amazon Attribution

  1. Measure: Understand the impact of your cross-channel digital marketing activities.
  2. Optimize: Improve ads while they’re running by checking how well they’re doing.
  3. Plan: Learn which of your strategies maximize return on investment and drive sales to build future marketing plans.

How It Works?

Amazon offers a 10% commission to sellers for each sale made through your Amazon attribution link. On PopTribe, this feature becomes even more beneficial as it allows you to monitor sales generated through your collaborating creators and facilitates the payment of performance-based commissions. In connection with the bonus aspect, it’s essential to clarify that this entails a 10% credit back on referral fees incurred as your products sell on the Amazon platform. This innovative synergy enhances the impact of both external and Amazon-specific marketing efforts, creating a win-win scenario for sellers seeking to optimize their earnings.

Creating your Amazon Attribution Tag Link:

Creating your Amazon Attribution link lets you track your external source traffic and product sales and earn a 10% commission from Amazon. In order to create your Amazon Seller store Attribution Link, follow the below steps:

Step#1: Login to your Amazon Seller Central

Login with your Amazon Seller main or child account that has access to the Campaign Manager section of your seller store.

Step#2: Navigate to Campaign Manager

In your Amazon Seller central, click the Menu toggle button on the top left corner. From the menu, select Advertising, and then navigate to the Campaign Manager page as shown in the image below.

Step#3: Redirect to Amazon Attribution Page

Once you see your Amazon Ads Campaign Manager page, click on Measurements & Reporting, then select Amazon Attribution to redirect to that page as shown in the image below.

Step#4 Create Your First Amazon Attribution Campaign

Click on the Create Campaign button to create your first Amazon Attribution link for tracking sales from sources outside Amazon. This will take you to a page where you’ll need to enter details as shown in the below image.

Step#5 Submit your campaign details on the Amazon Attribution form page

Fill in the details on this page by following these simple steps;

(i) Under Creation Method, select Create Manually .

(ii) In Campaign Settings, give any related name to this campaign which you’ll be able to tell apart from other campaigns you may run.

(iii) Add the products for which you want to track sales performance and earn your 10% commission from Amazon.

(iv) Go to your Amazon seller store homepage and copy your store homepage URL.

(v) Now, fill in the required details under Ad group and paste your Amazon store URL that you’ve copied in Step IV. Finally, click the Create button to create your Amazon Attribution tag link.



Step#6 Amazon Attribution Link Created Successfully

Congratulations! Your Amazon Attribution Tag link has been created successfully. Now, copy It from here and paste it into the PopTribe seller registration page. When you’re done, every product purchased by your creator followers using this link will earn you a 10% commission from Amazon.

Congrats! You’ve now monetized the power of PopTribe, and you can easily track your creator campaign performance. You won’t find these capabilities on other creator platforms.


In summary, PopTribe is a cutting-edge influencer marketing platform that seamlessly brings together Amazon Sellers, Amazon Associates, and Influencers. This innovative platform makes it easy to promote seller products, drawing traffic from both Amazon and other sources like social media. What sets it apart is the unique bonus: Sellers earn a 10% commission from sales generated by the followers of Creators on PopTribe. To clarify the bonus part, this means you get a 10% credit back on fees when your products sell on Amazon through PopTribe. Additionally, the integration of the Amazon Attribution tag helps you track your sales effectively, providing insights into where each sale originates. This win-win combination is why PopTribe is the go-to platform for Amazon sellers, offering a distinct advantage in boosting store rankings and increasing your chances of securing the coveted Buy Box.

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