Victoria Paris influencer: Who is she, and how much is she paid?

Victoria Paris influencer at TikTok, known as “the sole surviving girl,” has become a sensation, making waves in New York. She shares diverse content spanning fashion, fitness, and personal thoughts. Starting her profile in 2020, she posted videos from her small New York apartment, originally using the platform to boost her Depop store. Like many during global quarantine, Paris aimed to stay afloat.

Initially drawing followers with her clothing posts, Paris retained them with her relatable personality. She amassed around one million followers in just six months, affectionately called “Victorians.” The 24-year-old’s vlog-style content transformed into lucrative brand deals while maintaining her likable relatability. Despite this success, her videos still reflect her usual stream of thoughts.

Paris is celebrated for her unique fashion sense, fueled by her passion for thrifting, a theme that echoes her platform’s origins. Currently, her follower count stands at 1.7 million, with no sign of slowing down. However, her X account is not doing so well, with only 31k follower. Her videos consistently attract up to two million views. She ventured into YouTube, expanding beyond TikTok, translating her vlog-like style into longer content.

Credit: V. Paris

Victoria Shares Online Earnings in the Five-Figure Range, Emphasizing the ‘Authenticity’ of Pay Transparency

Victoria Paris influencer at TikTok opens up about her digital triumph in an era where crafting a winning formula for becoming a professional influencer appears within reach for many.

The 24-year-old gained online prominence by sharing TikTok videos from her New York City apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before diving into the world of full-time influencing, Paris juggled various roles, including personal trainer, nanny, and finance startup employee. She emphasized the significance of pay transparency in all her jobs, stating it mattered to her ‘for so many reasons.’

With TikTok’s rollout of the Creativity Program Beta (CPB), Paris discloses her monthly earnings to followers keen on understanding what a creator with nearly 2 million followers earns on the platform.

Paris reflected on her journey, saying, “Everybody wants you to do a job, but they don’t want to pay you what you’re worth. That’s what I found time and time again.” Additionally, she credited her knowledge to interactions with fellow influencers, saying, “I’ve learned everything I learned from my peers. I would not have known anything if I didn’t go to any other influencers and talk to them.”

She emphasized the importance of being “completely open” and truthful as a queer white woman, especially in her relationships with creator friends who belong to the queer community of color. The influencer expressed awareness of the challenge women face in being taken seriously in business, noting her own acknowledgment of the privileges she enjoys as a white person in terms of opportunities.

Victoria Paris Influencer at TikTok Shares Some Numbers

In 2021, Paris generated $42,497 through TikTok’s Creator Fund, sustaining her as a full-time influencer. Initially, her earnings primarily stemmed from partnerships with renowned brands like Nike and Lancôme. Even now, brand deals remain her primary income source, as revealed by Paris.

Paris creates content for paid posts on her social media accounts as part of her agreements and ensures she meets the specified expectations in each arrangement. For example, in a Nike ad shared on both Paris’ Instagram and the brand’s official account, she encouraged users to “tap to shop my head-to-toe Nike Running gear.”

However, Paris is aware that disclosing her earnings from TikTok, which can exceed $10,000 monthly, may negatively impact the relatable image she has cultivated as an influencer. “It’s extremely unrelatable to be making an obscene amount of money,” she stated.

Here are the earnings from three videos she posted within 30 days:

  • 569.73 USD (July 26th).
  • 686.99 USD (July 31st).
  • 934.05 USD (August 2nd).

Sharing her 30-day TikTok earnings through screenshots, Paris showcased the results of the platform’s new initiative favoring videos exceeding 60 seconds. From the month leading up to August 5th, her earnings amounted to $13,105.91, as confirmed by TikTok’s monthly statements, which were independently verified by Insider.

Foreseeing an additional $100,000 annually from TikTok’s CPB (Creator Fund), Paris now focuses on three-minute videos, deviating from her previously short-form content. This supplementary income augments her monthly earnings from brand partnerships. Despite the financial gains, Paris remains appreciated by followers for her relatability.

Expressing her conviction, Paris stated, “It’ll always resonate with people because authenticity strikes a chord with everybody. I’ve attempted more scripted performances, but those videos don’t fare as well.”

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