Who Are Micro-Influencers And How Can They Help Your Brand

When an influencer attracts upwards of 10,000 followers but hasn’t yet reached 100,000, they’re typically referred to as micro-influencers. These are usually everyday people who started small and have seen their readership grow by leaps and bounds until arriving at this threshold. This brings some advantages and drawbacks as compared to the nano-influencers we explored last time.

Why Partner With Micro-Influencers?


At this point, a typical micro-influencer has built a vibrant Instagram community. They’ve achieved their current status through solid, consistent engagement with their followers. They’ve become experts at the art of reading hundreds, perhaps thousands of comments and responding to those that are likely to spark discussion. Though they can’t respond to every comment like a nano-influencer, they still have their finger on the pulse of their community. Therefore, they still enjoy a robust relationship with their followers, which means your products are going to reap the benefits of enthusiastic chatter.


While micro-influencers are pros, they still have that spark of genuine passion that fuels their pursuit for top products in their niche. So if you can feed that passion, they can be a tremendous advocate for your brand. This in turn can help you ramp up your exposure and put your products in front of exponentially greater numbers of prospective customers.


Micro-influencers are a step above nano-influencers when it comes to cost. By now, they’ve become aware of just how powerful their mouthpiece is; therefore they can command a higher cost for endorsing your product. However, they’re not at the level where they have a cookie-cutter process for partnering with new brands; they’re still approachable and willing to explore partnerships on a case-by-case basis. That said, they don’t like to waste time while some newbie learns the ropes.

Before you present yourself to these consumer queens, you better know the most effective ways to get their attention and successfully negotiate a partnership. This is where PopTribe can help. We’ve made a living attracting, courting, and landing micro-influencers for a cornucopia of brands across the spectrum.


Sure, they don’t come in as many shapes and sizes as nano-influencers, but odds are good that there are hundreds of micro-influencers eager to experience your particular product. They may not extend into the more esoteric niches, but that won’t matter to the vast majority of brands seeking a promotional partner.

How PopTribe Can Help You Partner With Micro-Influencers

While by definition quality micro-influencers are not as hard to find as nano-influencers, they can also afford to be a little more picky as to who their partners are. They can attain higher commissions, and they have less time to babysit brands that don’t know how to present themselves.

PopTribe can help on both fronts. We’re well aware of typical partnership price ranges, and we’re skilled at haggling potential partners down toward the bottom of that range. We know when to ease in to someone who is still more interested in trading free products for exposure; and we know when someone has been around the block and requires a more business-centric approach to arrive at the most advantageous deal for our brand and agency clients.

So when it comes to micro and nano influencers, who will give you the biggest bang for your buck? That’s something we can decide together. Costs vary widely here. Some micro-influencers still have that hobbyist mindset when it comes to partnering with brands, and some charge a premium that’s out of proportion to what they can actually do for you. At PopTribe, we’ve made it our mission to guide you through this potentially lucrative minefield. Engage with us today!

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