5 smart ways to reach brands as an influencer

In this age of technology, anyone can set up a blog. But, of the millions of blogs on the Internet, a relatively small percentage become successful social media influencers.

It takes commitment, dedication, and a lot of work to draw a good following base. Celebrities usually have that base, but the average persons or micro-influencers must share their content and ask others to share it too.

To attract brands, micro-influencers should keep their fans coming back, and to do so, they must have great and valuable content.

For micro-influencers, the combination of all their followers and unique content is enough to attract brands. However, they should contact them in an efficient way. This article will explain how to reach out to brands as an influencer and gather free products for your blog. Let’s see the most effective ones.

How to reach out to brands as an influencer

  • Showcase brand products/services: One approach is to create content showcasing a product or service you believe in and then tag the brand in your post or story. This can help you getting the attention of the brand and potentially lead to a partnership or collaboration.
  • Participating in brand campaigns and challenges. A strategy that many influencers are unfamiliar with is brand campaigns and challenges. Some brands will create specific challenges encouraging influencers to participate. By submitting content to these campaigns, you can get noticed by the brand and potentially earn a partnership.
  • Email and social media message: You can contact brands directly through email or social media messaging. But please note, getting your message to the right person can be difficult. Typically, messages are received by a secretary or administrative assistant and then forwarded to management. The main issue is that they are not consistently prioritized. It’s important to have a clear pitch and a strong value proposition. Using this method means you must impress multiple people with the value of your proposal to get the needed attention.
  • Attending events: Industry events and conferences allow influencers to connect with brands and establish personal connections. Attending these events and connecting with the industries you want to work with will be easier to find the right people to talk to, their email addresses, and some people to speak up for you.
  • Creating an account with Poptribe: If you are interested in getting and testing high-quality products from different brands, you may want to join Poptribe as an influencer. PopTribe.com is a company that showcases a massive number of items from different brands that you can get for free.                                                   

PopTribe lists new products regularly. No matter your interests, you will find products that fit with you, from jewelry to cosmetics to electronics to health and beauty, clothing, and even name-brand accessories.

After creating an account, you just need to pick the products that interest you. The brands will receive your requests via PopTribe, and if you are a good fit with their product, they send you the item and they even pay for the shipping. 

Please see here the steps you should follow when you receive the product from the brand you selected.

If you need further information, let’s discuss about them on Instagram, Facebook and X.

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