How to Find Amazon Influencer Pages or Storefronts

Searching on TikTok or Instagram reveals numerous Amazon influencers endorsing items. Many groups share their #AmazonFinds and Prime buys. Amazon items frequently become popular. Collaborating with Amazon influencers benefits brands and sellers as these content creators genuinely introduce products to new customers. In this guide, you will learn how to locate Amazon influencer pages or storefronts for collaboration.

What are Amazon influencer pages or storefronts?

Custom Amazon shops called Storefronts are created by influencers to showcase their preferred products. Amazon influencers, an extension of the Amazon Associates program, recommend products to their audience. Storefront pages include a mix of products, categories, photos, videos, and livestreams featuring items the influencer uses or reviews. To follow a storefront, click “Follow” on the right side of the storefront page. Locate the storefronts you follow on by navigating to Account & Lists > Account > Your Amazon profile. The “Who you follow” section will display the influencers you follow!

Finding Amazon influencer pages

Discovering an influencer’s Amazon store is quite straightforward. Start by visiting or using the Amazon app. Once there, choose the option to explore all and scroll down to find the programs and features tab. Click on #FoundItOnAmazon. You’ll then see a grid of various-sized photos posted by Amazon influencers. Click on any image to view the influencer’s post, see their likes, and check out the featured products. Click on the influencer’s name below the photo to access their unique Amazon storefront. Each influencer organizes their storefront differently, showcasing fashion, style videos, photos, or sharing lists of their Amazon purchases. All these details are accessible on every Amazon influencer’s storefront.

Partnering with Amazon Influencers

Amazon influencers play a distinctive role in the realm of influencers and marketing on Amazon. Partnering with them can potentially boost the sales of your products. Products endorsed by influencers tend to attract more buyers, as consumers trust their recommendations. Influencers are perceived as reliable sources who genuinely understand and have experience with the products they promote. Although influencers receive a commission for certain qualifying products, consumers typically prioritize the influencer’s lifestyle similarity and personal success with the products over the commission aspect.

Why do brands work with Amazon influencers?

Influencer marketing’s impact is undeniable. A striking 88% of consumers decide to buy something based on an influencer’s post.

For brands on Amazon, there are specific advantages:

  • Easier product purchasing: Amazon’s widespread trust makes buying smoother. About 75+ million households with Amazon Prime trust the platform, easing hesitations for new customers.
  • Broader reach and social presence: Amazon influencers help brands connect with new audiences. This is especially beneficial for smaller brands lacking a strong social presence. Affiliates can efficiently promote products.
  • Product showcase expertise: Influencers excel at demonstrating products in action. This collaboration provides a significant advantage as creative influencers skillfully present your product most appealingly.

Ensure the compatibility of your brand with the Amazon influencer

When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s crucial to discover the right match for your brand. After identifying potential influencers, it’s essential to vet them thoroughly to ensure effective promotion of your products.

PopTribe offers assistance in this process. Utilizing PopTribe’s influencer marketing platform lets you explore over 170 million profiles. You can apply filters like brand affinity and hashtags used to refine your search. Directly accessing profiles from the search results allows you to read bios and understand their values, experience, content styles, and achievements. Additionally, you can review various metrics to assess their performance and audience reach over time, saving you time and helping you find the ideal Amazon influencer storefront to boost product promotion and maximize ROI.

Incorporating Amazon Influencers into your Amazon marketing strategy can contribute to your business’s growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now for free and find the best Amazon influencer for your brand. For further assistance or information, feel free to contact us today!


What metrics should brands consider when evaluating potential Amazon Influencers?

Brands should consider the influencer’s reach, engagement rate, audience demographics, content quality, and alignment with the brand’s values and target audience.

Can brands track the performance of influencer campaigns on Amazon?

Yes, brands can track the performance of influencer campaigns on Amazon by using tools like Amazon Attribution, which provides insights into how influencer-driven traffic contributes to sales.

Is measuring the return on investment (ROI) of influencer marketing on Amazon possible?

Yes, brands can measure ROI by analyzing sales data, tracking the impact of influencer-driven traffic, and monitoring other key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates and customer acquisition costs.

What guidelines should brands follow when collaborating with Amazon Influencers?

Brands should adhere to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines regarding disclosure and transparency. It’s crucial to have clear agreements, communicate expectations, and ensure that influencer content aligns with the brand’s image and values.

Can brands work with influencers exclusively on Amazon, or do they also promote products on other platforms?

Influencers may promote products on multiple platforms, including social media, blogs, and YouTube. Brands can discuss exclusivity with influencers based on their goals and preferences.

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