How to Choose the Best Influencer Agencies For Your Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has become an effective way for brands to promote their products and grow audience engagement. As such, influencer agencies have come out in large numbers to help both small and large businesses succeed in the digital marketing landscape.

This has made it hard for brands to choose the ideal influencer marketing agencies that align with their objectives and values. Almost every influencer agency you come across today will claim to get the job done, but we are all aware that not all are competent enough to get you the desired results.

The hours of vetting these agencies and ensuring they deliver can be enormous. In that case, we have compiled some tips on how to choose the best influencer agencies for your marketing campaigns so you can succeed in your business. Read on!  

1.   Find Out the Types of Influencers they Collaborate With

An influencer agency is just as good as its influencers. Find out the types of influencers every agency on your list works with to determine their compatibility with your campaign. The agency you settle on should align with your influencer budget and marketing needs.

Find out whether the agency works with customers in your industry, budget, and size. If your business is small, go with agencies with a significant pool of micro and medium influencers in your niche. Those that work with high-priced influencers might not be the best for you in this case.

Determine whether the agency you intend to work with works with specialized or general influencers. The success of your marketing campaign is assured in the hands of specialized influencers in your niche.

2.   Do a Thorough Background Check on the Influencer Agencies You Intend to Work With

Nobody wants to work with influencer agencies with a murky past because it might hurt their marketing campaign. Carefully scrutinize customer reviews on their website for any hint of negative or positive false reviews. A huge number of negative or exclusively positive reviews is a red flag.

Don’t rely solely on the agency’s website because no company will air their dirty linen in public. Search for more independent customer reviews on community forums such as those on Reddit and Quora. Furthermore, you can reach out to the agency’s former clients to learn more about the agency and how it operates.

Former clients can be a rich source of information because they are indicators of the influencer agency’s credibility, service quality, and customer satisfaction levels.

3.   Can the Influencer Agency Offer a Clear Roadmap to the Success of Your Marketing Campaign?

Credible influencer agencies with a positive track record usually have a good plan for achieving marketing success. A good agency should request your presence to learn your goals and expectations. They will then draft a client brief, which you must approve before work starts.

Client briefs often contain information such as target audience, marketing platforms, ballpark estimates, and how to increase followers and click-through rates. The brief should also contain campaign design and management details, including an action plan, KPIs, potential influencers, and content references.

A good brief proves the agency’s capability to deliver expected results. Their plan should also explain how they will spend your money to the last coin.

4.   Does the Influencer Agency Clearly and Consistently Prioritize Progress Reporting?

Setting a regular reporting schedule is crucial for a marketing agency because brands and brand owners deserve to know the progress of their marketing campaigns. Agencies should inform the clients after a certain duration, say biweekly, weekly, or daily. An agency that forces clients to wait until the end of a campaign to post results sounds shady, and you should cross it off your list of potential agencies.

Why is clear and consistent reporting crucial? Everyone who spends their hard-earned cash on an influencer agency wants to see some positive results as soon as possible. Furthermore, it allows for mistake detection and rectification, salvaging the campaign before it is too late.

Reports should consist of statistics like total engagement, potential impressions, total campaign followers gained so far, campaign progress, media value, cost per engagement, total content views, and audience demographics.

5.   Influencer Agencies Should Offer Quality Customer Support

Find an agency offering excellent customer support if you want a smooth ride through your marketing campaign journey. A good agency should have agents available day and night. Additionally, agents should be professional, friendly, and well-informed.

Various means of contacting the agency should be available, including email, live chat, and phone support. Other means of customer support include FAQ guides, blogs, and other resources to assist the client if the agents are unavailable.

A simple background research is enough to uncover the state of the agency’s customer support services.


Selecting an influencer agency to work with can get complicated, especially for first-timers. Fortunately, this guide contains all the information you need to get started. In a nutshell, the agency should be reliable, credible, efficient, and offer excellent customer support.

If you need any help finding the right influencers for your business, reach out to Poptribe. We can help you for sure.

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