Who is the Best Asian Influencer to Collaborate With? Find Out from Our List of Top Asian Influencers in 2024

Influencer marketing in Asia is big right now. Collaborating with Asian Influencers is among the most effective strategies to reach a targeted audience, increase engagement rates, and build trust with consumers.

Asia is one of the regions known to have their traditions deeply rooted in cultural heritage. That means, partnering with the right Asian influencer will give you a chance to reach a well-defined audience, which can accelerate your brand’s growth. Here is a list of top Asian influencers to collaborate with if your target audience is in Asia.

1.   Lisa

Lisa is a Thai K-pop rapper, singer, dancer, model, Instagram influencer, and a member of the famous BLACKPINK group. Although she is based in South Korea, her beautiful personality has attracted a global fan base.

Lisa has appeared in magazines like Elle and Vogue Japan and collaborated with brands like Bulgari and Celine. She usually shares travel, fashion, and beauty content with her 100 million Instagram followers.

2.   Joe Putra

Joe Putra is a fashion influencer from Thailand with over 27k followers on Instagram. He owns a fashion brand called IOSEF, which deals with cotton t-shirts for men.

Joe likes showcasing his lifestyle as well as posting his muscular physique for his fans. He is the influencer you want to work with if your brand specializes in casual men’s wear.

3.   Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are the guys to collaborate with if your business falls in the family, parenting, or traveling niche. This power couple from Indonesia shares with their 74.5 million followers their day-to-day life from raising kids, traveling with kids, and generally everything about family life. This couple is a real example of you don’t have to neglect one part of your life to thrive in the other.

4.   Prilly Latuconsina

This Indonesian beauty has an eye for beauty, good food, and photography. Prilly is a successful actress and singer who loves to travel for photography and food.

She keeps her 55.2 million followers in the loop for all things fashion, travel destinations, and must-have beauty products. If you are a brand in the above niches, this beauty queen will be an asset.

5.   Bayashi

If you love cooking and mukbang videos, you must follow Bayashi on TikTok. This Japanese influencer delights his followers with easy-to-cook yet delicious recipes. He posts videos sourcing ingredients, preparing, cooking and later eating. This is one of the best influencers to collaborate with if you are in the food niche.

6.   Trà Đặng

Trà Đặng is a makeup influencer based in Vietnam. She keeps her 20.6 million followers entertained with dances, makeup, and cosplay transformation. Her ability to switch characters from sweet and bubbly to not-so-sweet and mysterious is what keeps her fans entertained.

7.   Patchrapa Chai

Patchrapa Chai is a Thailand beauty and lifestyle influencer. This lady has been in the entertainment scene for close to two decades. From transitioning from a beauty queen, to now an actress and influencer, Chai has built a name for herself and a 16.2 million following. She shares snippets of her daily life from dinner dates with family and friends and recommends products as well.

8.   Kaykai

Kaykai is a Thailand influencer who started on YouTube before building a massive following on TikTok. She has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 10.3 million TikTok followers. She creates daily Vlogs, dance videos, and funny skits. She also has a thing for beauty and posts endorsement videos for skincare products.

9.   Bogummy (Park Bo Gum)

Park Bo Gum is a South Korean actor and influencer with a fan base extending beyond South Korea. He boasts 4.4 million followers on Instagram where he shares his travel destinations and luxury fashion design. If you’re looking for an established luxury fashion influencer for collaboration, Park Bo Gum is the real deal.

10.                 Lady Iron Chef

Lady Iron Chef is all about sharing the best places to dine in Singapore. Their family-friendly content features mom and daughter sharing their everyday life from cooking at home to sampling different types of food. They also share and recommend travel destinations they have been to around the world. Their IG account with 592k followers is filled with delightful mom-and-daughter moments.

11.                 Marj Maroket

Marj Maroket is a Filipino beauty influencer who shares beauty routines and tutorials. Although not as big as influencers in this list, she has 415. 9k followers on TikTok and 33.6k on Instagram. She also stands out because her posts, especially on TikTok garner a lot of engagement. If you are a brand in the beauty niche targeting the Filipino audience, this lady is a perfect choice.


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