Instagram Shoppable Feed Is Turning Social Content Into Brand’s Online Success In 2022

Did you know, every month, 130 million people tab on an Instagram shopping post, which showcases just how rapidly and powerfully the appetite for social shopping is? Talking about businesses, Instagram shopping is a great way to attract audiences and pull them towards buying your products, while on the creators and influences front, it opens a whole new world of opportunity to promote products from brands you partner with. With these things kept in mind, it’s now time to optimize your profile for Instagram shopping. By tagging products in your posts, you create an Instagram Shop. This will help you in converting visitors into customers faster than you can fathom.

What Are Instagram Shopping Posts?

Simply put, Instagram Shopping posts make it easier for people to shop on the platform. Brands can tag products directly in their posts and create a frictionless shopping experience for their users. Instagram Checkout users can buy products directly from the platform without even leaving the app. The eCommerce platform has been revolutionizing continuously and is changing how people shop. Instagram also provides features that permit users to “virtually try on” products, powered by Instagram Stories Augmented Reality filters. The current eCommerce business solutions include:

  1. Instagram Feed Post Shopping
  2. Instagram Shops
  3. Instagram Stories Shopping
  4. Instagram Live Shopping
  5. Instagram Guides Shopping
  6. Instagram Shopping from Creators

How is Instagram Shoppable Feed Turning Social Content Into Brand’s Success Online?

Instagram feed posts help people discover new products. 70% of people come to the platform to find their inspiration for incorporating products into their lives. By adding a direct channel for shopping, you can turn your users’ inspiration into conversion effortlessly. After setting up Instagram Shopping, you can tag up to five products on visual posts. Also, you can tag accounts using UGC created by your users. Hence, irrespective of the scale of your business, shoppable feed posts can be your best bet. Furthermore, it enables you to create a ‘lookbook’ to showcase your products easily and quickly to your followers. This allows you to sell better on Instagram by promoting your product in a non pushy manner but is organic. The top benefits that brands can derive from building Instagram Shoppable Feeds are:

Builds Trust

By incorporating UGC in your shoppable posts, you can gather the easy trust of your audience as they will understand more about the brand and be less hesitant to invest in the brand. Moreover, UGC being a powerful strategy, potentially showcases brand reliability, credibility, and authenticity of the brand. This further helps in attracting potential users to the brand and makes them feel comfortable about buying.

Streamlines Purchases

Users’ behavior today has undergone a drastic change. As a result, they look out for processes that are faster and quicker than ever. With shoppable posts, brands can provide them with what they seek. After landing upon the product post, they can directly buy the product without getting into any unnecessary steps. This also reduces cart abandonment and inspires users to buy more products from the brand. Providing a direct checkout saves the users’ time and effort and helps the brands in upselling.

Easy Engagement & Sales

The most important and elementary objective purpose that Instagram Shop serves for any brand is increased user engagement and sales. Therefore, every brand’s marketing strategy is aimed mainly at increasing sales and profits. By turning Instagram posts, shoppable users can convert their intention to purchase into action in no time. Users clicking on the shoppable posts can know about the product details, description, and other users’ usage information to increase the prospects’ engagement. Also, these tags allow real-time buying to the users that otherwise requires a lot of effort and time investment.

Opportunity For Influencer Marketing

Setting up Instagram Shop facilitates brands to leverage influencer marketing. Influencer marketing was mainly focused on creating brand awareness and increased exposure or reach. Earlier, only a small percentage of people engaged with the brand’s influencer marketing efforts. But, now, with Instagram shops integrated into influencer marketing, brands can drive sales greater engagement and sales.

Authentic Advertising

Users tend to look out for authenticity when it comes to content. As a result, they rely heavily on user-generated content over brand-generated content before making their purchasing decisions. By integrating relevant UGC posts with shoppable tags, brands can build a more trustworthy shopping environment. It also provides a realistic picture of the products, how existing users of the brand are using them, aesthetics details, and reviews. This helps in building brand advocacy and ultimately increases conversions.

Over To You

Shoppable Instagram Feeds is a robust strategy that has been delivering massive results to brands. It is not only promising but also influential. Now that you know the amazing benefits of integrating shoppability into your social posts, why wait?

Author Bio Prakash Rawat is a savvy digital marketing specialist. For the past two years, he has been specializing in SEO, PPC & Marketing Strategy at Taggbox. He has a super sharp analytical mind and a finely tuned creative eye for marketing initiatives that optimize brands. You can reach out to him on Linkedin.

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