How to Find Amazon Influencer Storefront on App to Help Your Business Reach a Wider Audience

Ever wanted to find the right Amazon influencer storefront for your products but didn’t succeed? Well, you may not be alone. You see, most influencers promote their storefronts through their social media profiles, including Instagram and TikTok, where locating the ideal promoter for your product isn’t always easy.

Besides, finding an Amazon influencer storefront on the Amazon app or website can be a daunting process as well. That’s because there are millions of sellers on Amazon, and there’s no direct way on Amazon for businesses to find the perfect Amazon influencer storefronts for their products.

In that case, this write-up offers tips on how to find the Amazon influencer storefront on the app to help your brand reach a wider audience. Start by downloading and installing the Amazon app, then utilize the tips below!

1.   Use the Search Bar

One of the simplest ways of finding an Amazon influencer storefront on the app is using the search bar. By simply keying in the influencer’s name or store name, you might get a list of possible storefronts for selection. This may seem obvious, but many overlook the search bar when looking for their favorite influencers’ storefronts, assuming it only works for product searches.

Here is how to do it.

Launch the app and log in. Scroll down to the “Discover” tab. Press the magnifying glass symbol on your screen’s top right corner to open the search window. Type the name or category of the influencer in question inside the search window. Select the result relevant to your search.

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, the app displays a list of suggestions to help you.

Please note that this option doesn’t directly produce the storefront. It only displays a list of products related to your influencer. Tap the “storefront” icon, on the screen’s top-right, to visit your favorite influencer storefront.

2.   Search Shop by Category

Millions of products are listed on Amazon, making finding a specific product or storefront daunting. Amazon developed several categories that put similar items and shops under one umbrella title for customers to find them easily. You can find these groupings in the app under “Shop by Category,” which is another excellent way of finding the perfect influencer storefront for your brand.

Typically, every influencer promotes products under specific niches, including fashion, military, health and wellness, kitchen, and gardening. Knowing the influencer’s niche is your first step toward a successful and long-term collaboration with your ideal product promoter.

Here is how to go about it:

Under “Shop by Category,” which is usually located in the navigation menu, select the relevant category to narrow down your search. A list of storefronts will come up, and you’ll need to review them one by one to find the perfect fit for your brand.

3.   Utilize the Amazon Live Creator App

Amazon Live is a feature that allows influencers to interact with their followers and target audiences through a live stream. All you need is to have the perfect influencer in mind and you are good to go. Having an idea of who you want to work with will make it easier to find them when exploring various live streams on the Amazon app.

Even better, influencers usually tag and invite specific people into their livestreams, and this could be you.

Here is how to use the live feature on Amazon app to find the perfect Amazon influencer to promote your products.

  1. Look for the “All” button on the app’s home page and click on it.
  2. On the menu that appears on your screen, scroll down to “Programs & Features.”
  3. Click “Amazon Live” below it and scroll down to the “Live” option. You will discover influencers who are currently hosting live streams. A list of recently ended streams will also be available.
  4. Explore until you find a livestream hosted by your favorite influencer. Clicking on their name will take you to their storefront.

If they haven’t been live yet, look for them in the upcoming livestream list. Alternatively, you can search for their storefronts using product names and categories.

4.   Use Hashtags

Hashtags make people and specific products trend not just on social media pages but also on Amazon. Influencers craft their own and utilize some existing ones, making them easier to track if you know the specific hashtag. A common one is #FoundItOnAmazon.

So, how do you go about it?

Type the hashtag into the search bar and click enter. Please select a topic on the search results and narrow it down to the category you’re interested in.

Usually, Amazon influencers create and popularize specific products by category. As such, you’ll see photos posted by Amazon influencers, including their number of likes.

Find the image that interests you and click on it. You will see the name of the influencer who posted the photo at the bottom. Click on the name to find the corresponding Amazon storefront.

Final Thoughts

Finding your favorite Amazon influencer storefront is much easier when using the app. The search bar, amazon live streams, hashtags, and searching by product categories are some of the methods you can utilize when searching for influencers’ storefronts on the Amazon app.

Besides, joining an external resource like PopTribe can help you find the right Amazon influencer faster. It might be the most straightforward option for you to collaborate with high-quality content creators who can generate sales for your brand in exchange for products.

We hope this post on how to find amazon influencer storefront on app Happy hunting!

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