How Do You Get an Invitation to Influencer Events

Have you ever thought about why certain creators always score invites to the coolest influencer events while you struggle to even get a response to your DMs? It’s not just luck or a massive following; it’s about having a solid strategy, visibility, and crucial personal branding. Today, let’s delve into the complete process of attending brand events.

How Do You Get an Invitation to Influencer Events?

No matter where you reside, there are chances to join in on local happenings and enjoyable meet-ups as an influencer or content creator. Whether launching a new coffee shop in a quaint town or a gathering with a nationwide beauty brand in a bustling city, events provide a fantastic chance to connect with fellow community members and expand your network.

1. Build a Strong Online Presence

It’s obvious that to snag influencer event invitations, your profile must appear impressive and polished since brands will definitely skim through your feed first. Regularly share top-notch content that fits your niche. This way, brands will view you as a potential ambassador capable of genuinely showcasing their products.

2. Connect with Brands

Authentically Start by engaging with brands that truly resonate with you. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts, share their content, and genuinely establish your presence—avoid coming across as spammy.

Demonstrate how their products seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Brands are more inclined to invite individuals who naturally align with their image.

3. Team Up with a Fellow Influencer

Forming alliances with fellow influencers who are already on a brand’s radar significantly increases your chances of landing a spot on their upcoming guest list (ensure you create content during the event). Volunteer to assist your influencer friend with content creation or offer companionship, utilizing the opportunity to network with the brand’s team.

4. Craft Organic Content for Brands

Share content with brands you genuinely adore, tag them, and illustrate your authentic fandom. This approach is a PR gem, positioning you as an appealing candidate for event invitations.

It also highlights your sincere interest, setting you apart from those merely seeking freebies.

5. Conduct Your Personal PR

Go beyond organic content. Reach out to brands via email or DM, showcasing your blog posts, reels, or story reviews featuring their products. Share any positive results or engagement metrics from your content. You should pursue this diligently before transitioning to full-time, ensuring everyone recognizes who you are and your capabilities!

This proactive approach garners attention beyond the usual tagged content.

6. Monitor Others Who Participated in Influencer Events

Stay informed about the events attended by influencers in your niche. Compliment the brand on the event and express your eagerness to participate in future ones. Demonstrating your industry knowledge underscores your dedication and passion.

7. Be Prepared for Spontaneous Invitations

Regularly check your emails and DMs. Brands may occasionally send last-minute invites; a prompt response can secure your spot at their event.

8. Reach Out and Ask

Feel free to reach out to brands directly. Introduce yourself, convey your enthusiasm for their brand, and express your interest in attending their events. Emphasize how your presence can contribute value to their event.

Brands value influencers who take the initiative and genuinely seek to build a relationship.

Prep for the Influencer Events

As you prepare for the upcoming event, take a moment to review the initial email for important details. This ensures you are well informed about what to expect upon arrival.

Check the event’s start and end times, look for any Uber codes or transportation instructions provided, and determine if food and drinks will be available. This information will help you plan your schedule and decide when to eat.

Additionally, explore the venue on Google or Instagram to familiarize yourself with the space. This will assist in coordinating your outfit and planning for any photos you may take.

Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar with the person who invited you, consider searching for them on LinkedIn. This allows you to find their photo and easily spot them at the event. These steps ensure you are fully prepared and can maximize your event experience.

Attend the Influencer Events

Arriving promptly at the start of events is key for capturing photos or videos before the crowd builds up. This early arrival also presents an excellent opportunity to meet the PR person who invited you, establishing a connection before things become hectic.

Take note of any signs showcasing Instagram handles or hashtags related to the hosting brand or agencies. Incorporating these in your posts and stories ensures easy visibility for the PR agencies.

For a more immersive influencer event experience, consider capturing photos and videos on your camera roll first. Editing and sharing across different platforms can be done later, allowing you to enjoy the event in real time.

Sharing event posts within 24 hours is advisable to maintain timeliness. This approach ensures that your content remains relevant and engaging to your audience.

The Day After the Influencer Events

The next day, it’s always a good idea to follow up with the brand and express your gratitude for the event invitation. Sending a quick note is a courteous way to show appreciation.

During this follow-up, share any content you generated at the event. Provide links to posts or reels you crafted, and don’t forget to mention if you created story content—especially since it expires, giving them a chance to view it.

Sometimes, the brand might beat you to the punch by sending out an influencer event recap or press release in the morning. If they reach out first, take the opportunity to reply and express your thanks.

If you received any products, brainstorm content ideas to share with your audience. Keep the agency informed when you share this content, demonstrating your ongoing support for the brand.

We trust you found this guide useful! Do you have more questions about attending events or establishing brand connections in person? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

If you need help getting started with PopTribe, feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you in reaching your full potential as an influencer.

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